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Life is full of uncertainties. If you have dependents, it’s essential to reduce their uncertainties by protecting them with life insurance. Life insurance will ease the financial burden when you pass. Life insurance gives you peace of mind when tragedy strikes by knowing your family and dependents will be protected financially. At D M Fleitz and Associates Insurance Agency in Kentucky, we are a reputable independent insurance agency who strives to offer reliable life insurance policies to our customers. The two primary forms of life insurance include:

Term life insurance

This is a type of life insurance which protects you for a specific period. The death benefits are paid only if death occurs during the designated period. You can renew term insurance until the age of 95. There are two basic types of term insurance:

  • Level term insurance where the death benefit doesn't change throughout the policy.
  • Decreasing term insurance where the death benefit reduces throughout the policy.

Permanent life insurance

It’s also known as whole life insurance. It offers death benefit protection for your entire life. It has a fixed rate of premiums. Part of the premium accumulates as a cash value that you can borrow from in case of an emergency. If the contract is canceled prematurely, the cash value goes to the policy owner.

It might be hard to decide which is the best life insurance policy is for you. Every family has different needs and lifestyles. It’s advisable to visit a reputable insurance agency for guidance. If you are in Kentucky, you can call or visit our offices at D M Fleitz and Associates Insurance Agency. Our agents are experienced and have the knowledge to help you through the insurance process. We will make you feel comfortable and help you acquire a policy that will satisfy your needs. Contact our offices for a quote and more information.

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